International Conference:

Transformation in a Changing Climate

University of Oslo, Norway
June 19-21, 2013

Climate change is considered by many to be the greatest challenge to humanity ― a “perfect storm” that will lead to unprecedented social and ecological impacts unless addressed in a comprehensive, urgent manner. Yet there is a growing recognition that traditional, “business-as-usual” approaches to mitigation and adaptation are insufficient to address the breadth, scale and complexity of challenges associated with climate change. In fact, there have been many calls for new modes of thinking about multiple interacting processes, policies, and programs, and both scientific and policy discourses increasingly emphasize the need for deliberate transformation in response to climate change. There are, however, significant research gaps on transformation that are critical to address. What do we actually mean by transformation? Do we know how to make it happen? Do we have a sufficient knowledge base to inform strategies and actions for deliberate, ethical and sustainable transformation at the rate and scale that is called for? What is the role of science in the transformation process?

The “Transformation in a Changing Climate” conference aims to fill these gaps by bringing together diverse perspectives on deliberate transformation in response to climate change. The conference will serve as a creative, innovative and inspirational gathering that catalyzes new
insights on transformation processes and the implications for research, policy and practice. Such insights will contribute to international transdisciplinary research initiatives, including Future Earth.

Read more: Transformation Conference 2013 Call for papers (PDF)

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